Wedgewood Wildlife Sanctuary


A peaceful, 75-acre reserve that is home to an impressive variety of song birds and wildlife.

Offering Fountainhead Hotel guests an opportunity to walk the nature trails leading to Wander Lake.

About The Sanctuary

The trails are topped with compacted gravel, making them suitable for wheelchairs and strollers.

Benches located along the trail system provide plenty of opportunities for trail users to rest and watch for wildlife.

Reserve trails connect with over 5 miles of trails on Creamer’s Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge.

Over 110 bird species, 15 kinds of mammals, 3 species of fish, 1 amphibian and numerous insects and plants have been recorded.

Migratory birds habitat the reserve in early May and late August.

Learn how plants and animals survive Alaska’s extreme climate by reading the interpretive signs located along the trails.

Explore The Boreal Forest

Our 0.8-mile Taiga Trail loops over Isabella Slough and through a mosaic of boreal forest habitats, including towering white spruce, a small black spruce wetland, and stands of paper birch, quaking aspen and stately cottonwoods. The trail also surrounds Wander Lake, where visitors can enjoy the view from our observation decks with benches and interpretive signs.

A Model Wetland

Wander Lake is a former gravel pit restored by excavating shallows, transplanting in fish and aquatic plants, erecting nest boxes and creating islands for waterfowl. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has designated Wander Lake a model wetlands restoration project.

A 0.8-mile nature trail loops around the lake, passing beaver lodges, nesting islands, a photography blind and two observation decks.

A Birder's Paradise

Bird identification books can be found in Fountainhead Hotel guestrooms and suites. You can also find bird checklists at the trailhead kiosk to the Wedgewood Wildlife Sanctuary.


Nancy DeWitt, Project Manager